Do you think you know everything about milk? Milk seems not a tempting item to be consumed for most of the people as this white stuff is always found in the carton in our refrigerator that we usually use pour in the bowl to make a quick breakfast with cereal or make the soups and creamy smoothies and prepare satisfying drinks.

But milk doesn’t necessarily mean only calcium. Rather it contains massive food value significant for our nutrition factors. It contains nine types of useful vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorous, potassium, a bunch of vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin A. you can call it a unique food as it contains everything as natural carbohydrate in the form of lactose, certain fats including mono and saturated forms and superior quality protein.

Calcium in Milk

The reason behind the popularity of milk is that it is easy calcium. If you would ever want to replace an 8-ounch of milk to maintain the right proportion of bone building calcium, do you know how much you would need to eat? 6 servings of beans, 10 cups of raw spinach or 12 servings of whole grains! Therefore, it is always recommended to get at least three cups of milk, yogurt or cheese for the people above 9 years.


Milk Offers Much More Than Just Calcium

If you claim that you don’t require milk as you are taking a calcium supplement, then you are certainly doing some mistakes. We are always advised to get our nutrition from the whole foods instead of supplements. It is more applicable for the case of milk versus calcium supplement because milk is something more than just calcium. In fact, only three cups of milk in a day offer around 10 per cent of the daily calorie requirements.

It has been seen that many American diets lack the presence of essential nutrients like calcium and potassium. Now people who drink milk regularly have been found with higher levels of these nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And who doesn’t know that having adequate levels of nutrients means we can fight with chronic disease and lead a longer and healthier life.

Milk Products Are Affordable

Don’t you think that the food product that offers such a high amount of nutrition as the part of our daily calories, it quite pocket-healthy in terms of food value? In fact, if you just consider the presence of calcium in milk, you would have to spend more to get the equal amount of calcium from 30 cups of raw spinach. But what about your effort to consume that much spinach! There is no doubt that milk is a great savior in respect of its affordability.

Delicious Nutrition Facts About Milk

Let’s share some delicious ideas how to incorporate milk in your daily life to get optimal level of nutrition from it:

  • Instead of water, use milk to prepare hot cereals like oatmeal.
  • It is great idea to round out your day by drinking a glass of low-fat milk during dinner so that you can boost your nutrition intake.
  • Mixing one cup of low-fat milk or yogurt along with fruit and ice cubes is a great idea to prepare an instant smoothie.